Monday, February 13, 2012

Training Log Feb 5-11: Recovery week?

Yeah, about that title... ::cough::bullshit::cough::

This training log is a really short one:
Tuesday I went to my first master's swim class and swam a total of 975yds.

That's it.  All week.

Well, that's it for training anyway.  I had my meeting with the auditor this week so a lot of time was spent making sure I had all my ducks in a row (I did, I just get nervous and have to check, double check, and triple check!) I am happy to report that my child-free time will now be for ME once again!

Just in time, too.  Marathon training officially kicks off this week!  I modified Hal Higdon's Advanced Marathon Training 1 plan to fit a multisport schedule.
The training whiteboard on my refrigerator.  Lets everyone know what's  going on for the week. 
This is what my first official week looks like.  Normally I would take Mondays off, but since I did so little last week, I feel like I should do SOMETHING.  So I'm going to get just a little extra time in the saddle and get my girly parts used to it again.  The bike session on Saturday in parentheses is optional.  When triathlon training starts in mid-March, this will no longer be an optional workout.  For now, I'm going to leave it up to how I feel.  Totals for this week should reach 120 minutes swimming + masters class, 90 minutes cycling + the optional 60, and 26 miles running.

I got a lot done on the organizing challenge this week.  I am loving my new drawers for my gear instead of the old "pile" system!


Stay tuned later this week for a totally non-fitness related tutorial on how I did this.  It was easy-peasy, I promise!

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