Friday, February 24, 2012

Random Five Friday

Teeball season in Minnesota

1. I've been interested for a while in getting Brendan Brazier's cookbook Thrive Foods.  So when I saw on Twitter that he was hosting a live webinar this week on Learn It Live, I immediately signed up.  While I'm not vegan, and have no intention of becoming vegan, I am always on the lookout for tasty, healthy, plant-based recipes.  I'm not that fond of meat and don't eat it very often. I figure my husband can just add a slab of meat to whatever I've made if he wants to.  The webinar was based on his first book- you can view the recorded webinar here.

I also went ahead and bought the book.  It arrived yesterday and I plan to make my first recipe out of it tonight.   I hate it when I buy a cookbook and there are only a couple recipes I think I'll actually make.  That's not the case with this book.  Just browsing through it I am interested in at least 25% of the recipes, probably more upon closer inspection.  Tonight, Liam and I are going to try the Black Bean Sliders.

2. We finally got some snow!  Well, just enough to take the ski/bike trailer contraption out in the yard.  The snow had already blown off the roads this  morning,  but the yard had just enough cover.  It's a good thing we went out this morning, because by 1pm even the yard had melted off too much to  be ski-able.  This is a fun toy, even Liam thought it was fun to pull around the yard,  I wish we had more opportunities to use it this winter. Although, it is still only February and it is Minnesota so anything could happen!

3. I have saved myself over $300 this year by being on Twitter.  I won a race entry to a race I was going to do anyway.  I won a gift certificate to that I plan to use toward new shoes.  And I saved $ on my condo for the Rev3 race after I posted that I had booked it (they had an athlete price that hadn't been posted yet).  And Dave thinks all the time I spend on the internet is worthless...HA!

4. I had my first appointment with the cardiologist on Thursday.  They did an echocardiogram but I don't know the results yet.

5.  I think I want to get a heart rate monitor for training.  I already have a Garmin, but it's not one of the HR compatible models.  I hate to spend the money to get a new GPS and HR watch, but I also don't want to wear two watches.  Thoughts?  Recommendations for a specific model?
The Cadillac of GPS /HR watches...the Garmin 910XT...drool...


  1. I'm looking at getting a Garmin because I already have a heart rate monitor - the opposite of you. There are some that do both - like the Polar RS300X. But they tend to be more expensive - that one is $260. In the grand scheme of things though, what's another $100 if it's exactly what you want?

    1. I ended up buying a cheaper HR monitor on clearance to see if I even like using it. So far it's still cold enough out to wear long sleeves so no one can tell I'm a dork with two watches on!