Friday, February 3, 2012

Random Five Friday

 1. I'm really behind this week. I still haven't posted last week's training log. I think next week will be a two-fer.
2. No matter what Kate Moss says, cheese and wine taste far better than skinny feels.
3. After "glutening" myself on purpose last weekend to confirm gluten intolerance, I felt crappy for several days. I am happy to have found something I can fix, but sad because I really like bread.
4. The weather this week has been amazingly gorgeous.  So strange to have so many nice days in January and  February in Minnesota.
We don't get many February days in Minnesota suitable for playing in mud puddles.
5. Since I have been feeling better (in large part due to my new way of eating), I have had a lot of kairos moments.   I think I always appreciated these moments, but since reading about chronos vs. kairos, I have a new way to classify them and notice them more.

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