Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Training log Feb 20-27

Week 2 of marathon training isn't nearly as impressive as week 1 was. I did such a good job the first week of making time for my workouts, getting up early, even completing my optional Saturday bike session.

The week started with a rest day, then Tuesday I just had a bad day that took the wind out of my sails for the remainder of the week. Tuesday morning I was up at 5am for a 5 mile treadmill run. I got dizzy, like usual, but almost fell off the 'mill. I have been able to run through the dizziness when I run outdoors, but I've almost fallen off the treadmill twice now. Considering there is a cement wall behind me, I'm not too keen on that happening. I was NOT pleased with getting up at 5am to complete only 2 miles.

Later Tuesday morning I went to see my doctor again about the dizziness issues. They referred me off to the ENT and the cardiologist. I wasn't too depressed about this until my sitter called sick with the flu and I had to miss master swim. Unfortunately that gave me time to sit around that evening and stew about my upcoming appointments and the possible ailments my doctor had described.

That put me in a funk for the next couple days. Liam decided not to nap on Wednesday, I had my first appointment/testing with the cardiologist on Thursday and that pretty much wiped out those two days. By Friday I was more than ready to get back on schedule and I turned the planned easy 3-miler into a pace run.
Saturday and Sunday we went to visit friends. I packed all my running gear, nutrition for the planned 11-miler, compression and self-massage tools, ready to get in a couple good workouts. By the time we got there Saturday, I was just ready to relax and visit and decided to skip my planned 5-miler. We stayed up far too late playing Farkle and visiting, not setting me up well for Sunday.

Sunday I ended up having to lay down with Liam in order to get him to nap. Since I hadn't had much sleep I wasn't too put out by this! Problem was I ended up laying there with him for over 2 hours. Dave came in to get ready for his run and offered to let me go instead, but I was feeling pretty lazy by that point.

Last week's sad numbers:

Tues: run 2
Fri: 3 mile run, last 2@10k pace
Total: 5 miles run

Anyway, I'm hoping for a little better self-motivation this week!

I've rescheduled my missed 11-miler to Tuesday. Not sure what's going to happen with master swim on Tuesday, the weather is supposed to be terrible. I may end up revamping this whole week's plan.

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