Friday, March 23, 2012

Random Five Friday

1. This warm March weather has been awesome for playing outside.  Liam is having a lot of fun just being a kid.  
He likes to dress himself.  I swear I didn't make him wear his neck-warmer on his head.  
Mud puddles rock!

2.  Liam heads to his Iowa grandparents next week.  I will miss will be awfully quiet around here, but I already have a list of "non-Liam-friendly" projects to work on.  I will have no problem staying busy!

3. I caught this article from NPR in my Facebook feed the other day.  Loved it. I've made my own cheese before, it's delicious!  I excited to try the Chai Concentrate recipe that accompanies the article. (Image screenshot from )

4.  I started playing with the Instagram app on my iPhone this week.  All the pictures in this post (except the NPR screenshot) were edited with it.  It's kind of fun, and makes a crappy phone picture a little bit better.  

5. Fresh chives on my potato on March 22nd.  We are usually still buried under piles of snow this time of year. 

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