Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Random Five Friday:Tuesday Edition

I've had this typed up since Friday, but was too busy, or lazy- you choose, to add the pics.  I wasn't going to waste the post just because it's Tuesday, so here it is!  

1. Liam was sick all last week.  He got to have his first popsicle because of this.  He likes popsicles, but I was very proud today, when after asking if he wanted a popsicle, he said, "No. Apple." Yay for healthy eating!

This is the face of a sad, sick child...
2.  I've started a new elimination diet to try to figure out my GI stuff.  Yesterday was Day One.  I thought, "This isn't so terrible, it's only a week before I can start adding things back in."  Today's thought (Day Two) was, "What the hell am I supposed to eat, anyway?  I'm starving!"   Anything allowed on this diet is bland, bland, bland and totally against what I have come to know as healthy eating.  I may seek out an acupuncturist as a possible alternative treatment, 'cuz this sucks.

3.  Liam moved to the big bed on Friday, at age 22 mos.  No, I don't mean a toddler bed, he's had his mattress on the floor since he took a dive out of his crib just after turning one.  He is in "the big bed".  Since his room was once a guest room (and the only other bedroom in the house besides ours), there is still a full-size bed in there.  He has recently proven that he could get in and out of it on his own.  Rather than have him climb up there some night and fall out, I got a rail for it.  I installed it this afternoon and he promptly moved every stuffed animal in his room to the big bed.  He chose to sleep there for his nap and at bedtime.  He went right to sleep both times, so apparently the change wasn't too traumatic.

After he added EVERY stuffed animal in the room, I don't think there's any room left for him!

4.  After organizing our master bedroom through OrgJunkie's challenge, I decided to tackle our looks-like-a-hoarder-lives-here basement.  There will not be any pics of that.  At one time, things were organized down there, but several months out of each year, our basement has water in it.  During that time things have become musty and gross, and piles have started everywhere in a not-so-successful attempt to keep the non-musty separate from the musty.  Most of it just needs to get thrown away.  I have been waiting for the dump truck to get fixed, but Dave needs some assistance with it so it won't be done anytime soon (not nagging, honey, just facing reality).  I decided to stop waiting for a convenient way to do it and just tackle it.

5.  Spring is here!

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