Monday, March 5, 2012

Training Log Feb 27- Mar 4 & Sparkly Snow Run

Winter came on Sunday, but it will melt by Tuesday!

Once again I was disappointed with this week's training.  I'm still having GI issues and dizziness so some days training just isn't very fun.  It ended with a great weekend, though!

Here's the overview of the week:

Mon: Rest day

Tues: Unplanned rest day

Weds: Ran 2.21 mi, 20:12, Completed first half of "Run Faster With Chrissie Wellington #2" from Audiofuel. I'd intended to do the whole thing, but crashed and burned halfway. I had felt pretty good for the first 15 minutes so I was disappointed to burn out at 20 minutes. I also did the Bodyrock Fit Test just for fun.

Thurs: Master swim! I LOVE my master swim class. Class plus warmup drills= 1650yds

Fri: 6 miles on treadmill @ marathon pace, with 60 second pickup every 5 minutes to break up the monotony, 57:18

Sat: My first DVD-led bike sesh! (I know, I'm behind the times, but we just finally got a DVD player in the dungeon.)  Decided I need to increase the tension on the trainer tire- I was outriding the gears and didn't have to come out of seated the whole time.
Second Saturday workout was a social event! I met up with some new friends from swim class to swim and go out to eat. I love my internet tri friends, but it's nice to have some "real-life" tri friends that I can actually talk to instead of just type!

Sun: Y'all thought the "Sparkly Snow Run" mentioned in the title was a race didn't you?  Sorry to disappoint you, but it was just my long run on Sunday- 8 miles.  I had resigned myself to the treadmill earlier in the day because of visibility issues.  Of course, I procrastinated.  Good thing I did!  It stopped snowing, the sun came out, and it was a GORGEOUS day!  I had a great run, breaking a new path on our road and enjoying the quiet of the snowy afternoon.  The snow sparkled so much in the sunlight, it looked just like someone had dumped a bunch of glitter on the world!

First tracks in the new snow!  Look how sparkly it is!!!

Looking back at my tracks.

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