Sunday, October 31, 2010

Race report and Weekly Training Log

Well I don't know if you could actually call it racing at the speed we were going, but we had a good run.  Liam and I met my friend Traci at the St. Peter Halloween 5K Fun Run Saturday.  I was worried about it being too cold for Liam but it ended up being in the upper 40's to lower 50's by race time and I had him bundled up pretty good.  I had made him this hat and mitties the night before.  He only wore the hat, my mitties still need perfecting.  

We started the race way too far in the back.  It's so hard to tell if people are runners or walkers.  Also, you never know if they are starting too far forward or back!  We dodged through the walkers for about the first 5 minutes and then hit a nice mid-ten-minute pace.  Pretty good for me with the stroller.  And then we came to the hills. I did not, however, feel any guilt about the slow pace up the hills as there were 3 other ladies with strollers running up every hill right next to me.  I looked down at the Garmin at one point to find that we were "running" at 13:34 pace.  Okay, so technically that pace may not be called running.  But uphill with a stroller, it sure felt like it!  We went up a couple big hills toward campus (Gustavus Adolphus) and turned back in the direction of the finish.  We were sure it had to be all downhill from there!  What?!? We turn the corner and there's another hill?  and another?  and another?  (Okay, so a couple of these were just small rises but when you're tired, pushing a stroller, AND you thought you were all done with hills, if it looks like a hill and feels like a hill, then it IS a hill!)  Finally with about 3 blocks to go, we hit the downhill.  Boy, that felt good on my tired legs!  And although I didn't have enough energy to take on anyone trying to outsprint us at the finish, we finished steady and I'm proud to say we ran the whole way.  Oh, and we beat a girl from high school that we never really liked much.  Sixteen years later you would think that wouldn't matter much.  It does.  Girls are petty.  I know this to be true because, to my dismay, sometimes I can be very petty.
Liam managed to stay awake for about half the race.  He was very good and just took it all in until the point where he fell asleep.  Traci said he was just looking around and watching the people that passed us and the people we passed.  He's a good little running partner!
(Okay, this is sideways, it keeps flipping it when I add it to the page!  Sorry, but you'll just have to turn your head.)

Weekly Training Log:
Monday:  Off
Tuesday:Ran 3 miles on treadmill, easy 30:00
Wednesday:  Ran hill repeats on the treadmill.  4x 0.25miles at 4% incline with 0.25 mile rest at 0% incline.  Warmup and cooldown.  Total= 3 miles
Thursday:  Was supposed to be yoga, but Liam was too fussy to drop off with mom, so rest day it is.
Friday:  2 miles easy on treadmill to stretch out legs for tomorrow.
Saturday:  5K Fun Run in St. Peter.  Time was 35:08.
Sunday:  Was supposed to be long run, but I'm wiped and I think I'm getting an inner ear infection.  I've been dizzy the last day-and-a-half.  Skipped run.  Started taking antihistamine for ear, hope to feel better and get back on track tomorrow. 
Weekly mileage: 11.1 miles
Monthly mileage: 49.3 miles

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