Tuesday, August 16, 2011

The "Chips Are Down" Virtual Race Report

This past week, Amanda at RunToThe Finish hosted a virtual 3 mile race in honor of her 30th birthday (Happy Birthday, Amanda!)  Of course I signed on early, thinking that 3 miles would be no problem for me.  But if anyone has read my last training log or recovery post, three miles at anything more than a crawl suddenly was a problem for me. 

Sunday was my first real run in 8 days (I had done one mile mid-week just to see where I was at).  I was quite nervous about feeling like crap the whole three miles since that had been the theme of August's first week.  I was pleasantly surprised to run under 10 minutes per mile for each of the three miles!

Now, I had some awesome pictures of my race bib, me pre-run, and my Garmin time post-run, but for some reason my iPhone no longer emails pictures as .jpg files?  WTF????  I now have a camera on my phone that is a completely useless POS unless I can figure out how to fix this.  (Any suggestions or just general commiseration would be welcome!) EDIT: I have determined that this is a problem with Yahoo's new mail.  My new Gmail account sends and receives photos as .jpg just fine!  Adding them to the end of this post pronto!

Happy 30th Birthday, Amanda!  I hope this year is good to you!


  1. I'm not sure how Blogger works (I use wordpress) but usually you can upload several different file types (.gif, .png, .pdf - just to name a few common ones). Otherwise, if the pics aren't in one of those formats or Blogger won't accept them, you can either open them in Paint and resave as jpegs/jpgs or download the free software Gimp (cross between Paint and photoshop) and use that to edit the images. HTH!

  2. Kathy- Thanks for the ideas, but it seems to be an email issue, not a blogger issue. I can view it in the email, but when I open the txt file, it's empty. I tried left-clicking to save the image, but I just get a file with a bunch of strange characters and no image. I actually just opened a gmail account and tried sending it to that account from that account and that worked. I'm thinking it's an issue with the new Yahoo Mail.

  3. yeahhh so glad you were able to get out and run and feel good. it is so frustrating to be injured. I'll take the credit for my birthday making you feel better ;)

  4. Amanda- I totally give your birthday credit for my good run!