Friday, August 5, 2011

Time to Refocus/Short-Term Goals

Ahhhh, recovery!  Time to sit and plan my next move.  During my time at the lake (and in the car getting there and back), I penciled out a plan for the whole next year.  I plan to run Grandma's Marathon again and am considering Chisago Lakes Half-Iron for a second time.  I know that I want to continue multisport training.

This year's race season seems like it's pretty much over.  I do have a few more races scheduled, but after the "Big 2" I've done already this year, they seem anticlimactic.

It's time to focus on losing some weight and building strength, especially in weak muscle groups, while maintaining my base enough to put in solid performances in my upcoming races.  To achieve this goal, I am planning to do the following (short-term):
1.  Eat clean.  A week at the lake of eating what was served and indulging in what was quite possibly a little too much wine left me feeling sluggish and bloated.  After just a few days back home, I am feeling better already.  I am trying to add even more fruits and vegetables to my diet during this season of bounty.  (Too bad those weeds aren't edible- we've got lots of those, too!)
2.  P90X  I plan to follow this closely with a few adaptations (running will replace some of the cardio) to improve my strength and power.
3.  Hal Higdon running plansI plan to use the Post-marathon plan followed by the Winter Training plan.  This will be adjusted to mesh with my races and P90X plan.
4.  Utilize my BodyMediaFIT.  This device has been an eye-opener for me.  I didn't realize I was burning so many calories in a day.  No wonder I was always ravenous when I tried to cut calories!  I plan to use this to eat back my calories burned within a day to within 500 calories of what I have burned.  This should result in approximately 1 pound of weight loss per week. 

How do you refocus after completing a race or meeting a goal?

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