Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Training Log August 21-27

This week I actually ran four times, the most in one week since deciding to back off a little.  The only problem is, those four times occurred in the first five days, and I didn't do much at all this weekend.  But, let's concentrate on the positives, shall we?

Sun: 4 miles, 43:35- felt TERRIBLE
Mon: 3 miles with stroller, 32:50
Tues: Rest day
Weds: 2.62 miles, 25:04- felt pretty good!  Stopped when my pace started to slow significantly. 
Thurs: 3 miles on treadmill, 30:00- I almost didn't run today because I've been feeling a cold coming on since Weds. evening.  I took advantage of a burst of energy, cranked up the tunes and had my best run in a month!  I actually had to keep myself from going faster and I felt great the whole time!
Fri, Sat: Ummm, yeah, remember when I mention not doing much this weekend? 

Weekly totals:
Run: 12.62 miles

I've been having some trouble with fatigue lately (see this post) so I'm heading to the doctor this week to make sure it's just my normal seasonal stuff and not a thyroid or iron-deficiency issue.  I really hate getting blood drawn.  I once almost passed out when they pricked my finger with a lancet (this was before they had the nifty spring-loaded ones).  I really hate needles!

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