Monday, August 15, 2011

Training Log Aug. 7-13

This was the first week of my redesigned recovery plan.  I didn't end up swimming at all.  It was just too nice out to drive all the way over to the pool (30 miles away) to work out inside.  Instead, Liam and I spent most of each day outside, taking a lot of walks and hanging out. 

Sun: Walk 50 minutes with stroller, P90X Shoulder & Arms (with very lightweight band- just trying to figure out how to do the moves)
Mon: AM- Walk 40 minutes with stroller, PM- Walk 20 minutes with stroller, 15 minutes yoga
Tues: Biked to town (mountain bike with child trailer)= about 6.8 miles total, Walked 30 minutes (pushing mountain bike with trailer- into the wind on the gravel while pulling a trailer was harder than I wanted to push)
Weds: Had a terrible headache most of the day.  I was all ready to go to yoga, but my sitter forgot and didn't show up.  That ended up to be okay, the email that was to notify everyone that yoga was cancelled that week got lost in cyberspace somewhere.
Thurs: AM- Run 1 mile, 10:28, with stroller, followed by 20 minute walk.  PM- 30 minute walk with stroller
Fri: Rest day
Sat: No workouts, but I don't think I sat down all day.  Dave was nice enough to watch Liam all day so that I could get a bunch of stuff done.

Bike: 6.8 miles
Run: 1 mile
Walk: 190 minutes
1 Strength Workout

And the spoiler for next week's log: My 3 mile run this Sunday felt great!  I managed to average under 10 minutes per mile, and while that was pushing the pace a little, I didn't feel nearly as bad as I did running 12 minute miles a couple weeks ago!  Hooray for productive recovery weeks!

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