Friday, October 15, 2010

It's Friday!

Hooray for Friday!  I've decided that the greenhouse will now be closed on Saturdays.  I've lost some of my weekday help which makes my week less flexible.  By Friday I'm pretty much shot.  I also don't have that many customers on Saturdays.  Might as well take the time off to spend with family, exercising, and cleaning the house.  Maybe I'll even be able to find time to work on the thank-you notes for all the stuff we got after Liam was born!

The breakfast cookies were yummy!  I will definitely be making those again.   Although next time I may follow the recipe.  I used butter instead of margarine and used a half cup of canola oil in place of a half cup of applesauce (I ran out of applesauce).  They were definitely tasty but a little calorie heavy with the extra oil.  I am usually a butter girl, but the margarine would eliminate all the saturated fat and cholesterol so I'll try them that way next time and see how they taste.   I can't wait to play with different fruit and nut combinations!

Happy Friday!

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