Tuesday, October 12, 2010

My very first blog post

It occurred to me the other day that blogging may be a good way to keep myself accountable to all the crazy ideas I keep coming up with.  If I write them down and someone reads them then I have to follow through, right?  Not that anyone will over read my blog.  I may not even tell anyone about it for a while.  It's scary to think that I may suddenly have to follow through with all my crazy plans! 

About the name:  Coming up with a name for a blog isn't as easy as one may think.  You want it to sound catchy, smart (but not too smart), and want it to reflect on you personally so that when people see it, they think, "Oh, yeah, I can see why she picked that."   And trying to focus on just one area of my life?  No way could I narrow this down to just a cooking blog or just a mommy blog or just a fitness (or lack thereof) blog.  Therefore we have "Another Drop In The Bucket".  All the pieces and experiences of my life coming together in one bucket. 

My next dilemma:  How do I structure my posts?  Do I post as something "important" happens? as whimsy strikes? once a day?  This is yet to be determined and may vary from day-to-day. 

Anyone reading this:  Welcome!  I hope you enjoy reading my blog.  If you don't, stop reading, silly.  Yes, it's that simple.  I have no expectations for readers, followers, or groupies.  This blog is mostly for me to have a place to sort out and document my hare-brained ideas.  If you enjoy it, please let me know.  If not, please sit quietly and don't ever tell me.

Thanks for taking the time to get this far!

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